The Most Powerful Form of Advertising
is Now Within Your Reach

Most people are amazed to discover that they can buy 30-minute time slots in their local television market for as little as $30 to $50. Both local cable TV and broadcast stations offer half-hour time periods for sale to advertisers. However, many business owners never consider this option because they assume that the time and cost required to produce their own program would be too prohibitive.

Nothing could be farther from the truth: Now you can use one of our show templates to instantly get your business on the air in your market.

Imagine sitting face-to-face with a prospective client for 30 minutes, then multiply that by the thousands of viewers in your market. That's what it's like to broadcast your own infomercial. In fact, long-format advertising has five clear advantages:

bullet one
Status and Prestige: Your own television show represents one of the most prestigious ways to promote your services and immediately establishes you as a leader in your local market. It also helps you recruit top salespeople to work for your company. Our exclusive territory system means that you will be the only business with the right to air a program in your specific market.

bullet two
Visibility: The 30-minute show is more effective for catching "channel surfers" as they search from one channel to the next. And it also caters to your prospective clients with "Tivo" or other similar digital video recorders, since they can record your show and watch it at their convenience.

bullet three
Cross-Promotion: You can often schedule a regular time slot each week (such as every Friday at 6:00pm, for example) and then refer to this show time in your print ads and on your web site.

bullet four
Qualified Leads: The extended format lets you tell a detailed story and provide in-depth information, which means your prospects are better educated about your business when they contact you. This can be especially helpful for professionals that offer higher-priced services, such as lawyers, physicians, investment advisors, etc.

bullet five
Cost Effective: Minute-for-minute, the longer-format half-hour air time is much more cost effective than buying traditional 30-second time spots. You can effectively begin testing your new program with just a few airings per week.

Exclusive Territory

The key to our system is that you receive the exclusive license to use our programming within your local market area. This means that you are the only company within your business category that can run our shows.

To get started, use our interactive map to find your local television market area