Customized Programming
Custom Programs
We create each of our programs with one goal in mind: to engage viewers and motivate them to call your business. Because the shows extend for over 28 minutes, we can present detailed information to educate potential prospects about your offer and position you as the expert in your local market.

Unlike a typical "infomercial", our programs aim to be more about information than hype. Consumers appreciate this informative approach, especially when making a significant purchasing decision. This is why the half-hour format works so well when promoting higher-priced services, such as home improvement, cosmetic surgery, legal services, real estate investing, etc.

The script structure of each program includes at least three "call to action" segments, where we present your business name and contact information. We also superimpose your phone number and web address along the bottom of the screen throughout many parts of the show.
Formatted for viewing on multiple screens
Viewable across multiple screens: In addition to creating your show for broadcast TV, we also format versions of the program for viewing via the Internet on mobile and laptop devices, or on Internet-connected televisions.
Example: This half-hour program was produced for pest control operators, for broadcast on television in their local markets. It includes the sponsor's identity in numerous places throughout the show, and includes three 60-second commercials for the sponsor.