Exclusive Market Territories
The key to our system is that you get the exclusive license to use the programming within your local TV market area. This means that you are the only company within your business category that can air the show in that market. Please review the interactive map above to find your local television market area.

The exclusive license includes the use of the program for an initial term of 18 months, with optional renewal periods at a reduced rate. This license gives you exclusive rights to air the program on the broadcast stations, and local cable TV franchises, within the market territory. We also host an online version of the show for you to link to in your other promotions.

As you review the TV market map, note that some TV markets are geographically very large and cover multiple counties. For example, the map below shows the Chicago TV market area, which is composed of many counties around the greater Chicago area. Please contact us to find out which counties are included in your TV market area, and to get all the details about the exclusive territory license.
Example of multiple counties in the Chicago broadcast market territory