The smart way to promote your business on TV
The Smart Way to Promote Your Business on TV
Most people are amazed to discover that they can buy half-hour time slots in some local television markets for less than $100. However, many business owners never consider this option because they assume that the time and cost required to produce their own program would be too prohibitive. Nothing could be farther from the truth: Now you can use one of our show templates to instantly get your business on the air in your market, on broadcast TV stations and local cable channels. Imagine sitting face-to-face with a prospective client for half an hour, then multiply that by the thousands of viewers in your market. That's what it's like to broadcast your own infomercial. In fact, this type of long-form TV advertising has five clear advantages:

Prestige: Your own television show represents one of the most prestigious ways to promote your services, and immediately establishes you as the leader in your local market. Our exclusive territory system means that you will be the only business with the right to air a program in your specific market.

Visibility: The half-hour show is more effective for catching "channel surfers" as they search from one channel to the next. And it also caters to your prospective clients with digital video recorders, since they can record your show and watch it at their convenience. Plus, we host an online version of your show, so that you can reference the show link in your other promotions, and so that viewers with connected TV can watch your show at any time via the Internet.

Cross-Promotion: You can often schedule a regular time slot each week and then refer to this show time in your print ads, billboards, and on your web site, in addition to publicizing the link to the online version of the show.

Qualified Leads: The extended format lets you tell a detailed story and provide in-depth information, which means your prospects are better educated about your business when they contact you. This can be especially helpful for professionals that offer higher-priced services that require detailed explanation, such as attorneys, real estate brokers, investment advisors, etc.

Cost Effective: Minute-for-minute, the longer-format half-hour air time is much more cost effective than buying traditional 30-second spots. And, you can effectively begin testing your new program with just a few airings per week.
Example: We produced this infomercial and licensed it to reverse mortgage brokers for broadcast in their local markets. You'll notice sponsor messages in four places within the show, as a call to action to the viewer, and also see the sponsor contact information at the bottom of the screen through many key segments in the program.